Our Story

Internet-SA, a family owned venture, has been unwavering in its commitment to serving both rural and urban communities in the Eastern Free State since its inception in 1995. With a wealth of experience spanning nearly three decades, we take pride in our enduring legacy, underpinned by a diverse and devoted client base.

Our journey towards becoming a trusted name in our region has been punctuated by significant milestones. Notably, we were the preferred Internet Service Provider for VKB in the Free State, as well as the Autopage Cellular group.

Throughout our evolution, we have consistently demonstrated resilience to adapting to the ever-changing landscape of the broadband internet industry. We have steadfastly embraced the latest available technological infrastructure to meet the evolving data demands of our clients, progressing from our humble beginnings with dial-up connectivity to today’s cutting edge fibre solutions.

As holders of an I - ECNS and I-ECS S licences issued by ICASA, we are authorised to establish infrastructure and operate as an internet service provider throughout South Africa. At present, we manage our exclusive wireless infrastructure in more than a dozen towns and administer our own open-access managed fibre network in three additional towns. We’ve come a long way and remain committed to connecting communities with the internet they need.

We empower your success

At Internet-SA, we believe that the internet is an enabler.

It can empower people to develop their skills; facilitate businesses to operate more efficiently; give people unlimited access to information and learning sources, and it can present them with new opportunities for employment.

The core purpose of our business, therefore, goes beyond merely providing internet service. Rather, it is to empower people by enabling them with access to economic opportunities.

Management Team

Christo Fourie

Chief Executive

Christoff Fourie


Pieter Knoblauch

Chief Operating

Casper Fourie

Chief Technology

Creating meaningful value

We serve our customers with the concept of servant leadership. We meet the unique needs of our customers by enabling them with internet connectivity and by supplying innovative, world-class internet technology solutions.

We create meaningful value through the excellent service we provide.