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Fixed wireless packages that suit your needs and budget.











R1195 once-off registration fee

Dynamic IP address

Upload 50% of download speed














R1895 once-off registration fee

Fixed IP address

Symmetrical up and download speed

Lower latency

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Terms & Conditions apply. Prices may vary depending on your town and location.

Most asked questions

Which line speed is right for you?
What happens after I sign up?

After signing up, we will send you a contract. Once we receive the completed contract, necessary documents, and payment, we will schedule the installation. Typically, installation occurs within a few days of booking. However, please allow up to two weeks for the entire process to be completed.

Getting started with Internet SA Fixed Wireless
Are there any data caps, usage limits or fair usage policies?

No, we don't have any data caps, usage limits, or fair usage policies.

Do you provide a modem or router, and is it included in the package price?

Internet-SA offers a WiFi router at an additional cost. The router is not included in the package price.

Is there a contract or term commitment for the fixed wireless internet service, and are there any early termination fees?

All our fixed wireless contracts have a 12-month term commitment. If a client terminates the agreement early, penalty fees may apply, based on the remaining contract value.

What is the process for troubleshooting and resolving service issues?

You can visit our Help Centre to see if you can resolve common issues independently. Alternatively, you can contact our support team through our Contact Us page.

What is the coverage reliability and speed during peak usage hours or in bad weather conditions?

Our network is designed to provide your plan speed even during peak usage hours. However, it's important to note that heavy weather conditions can affect fixed wireless connections due to the technology used.

Do you offer mobile hotspots or portable wireless options for on-the-go connectivity?

No, our fixed wireless service is designed for internet access at the installation location only.

Can I use my own router or modem with your fixed wireless internet service, and what are the compatibility requirements?

You are required to use the provided router or similar. While it's possible to use your own router alongside our free-to-use router to extend coverage, we recommend using the same routers in a mesh system for optimal performance.

Will the provided router cover my entire home?

The provided router typically covers an area with a radius of approximately 20 metres. However, this coverage may vary based on the number of walls and obstacles within your home.

What equipment is provided, and is there a setup fee?
We provide the following equipment as part of your fixed wireless internet service:
  • Transmission equipment
  • Standard transmission equipment bracket
  • 20m LAN Cat5E Cable
  • 3m pole
The installation is subsidised, and we charge a one-time registration fee.