Lightning-fast fibre to connect your world.

Experience the future of the internet on our lightning-fast fibre network - unlimited internet joy, direct to your home or business.

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Get more for less.

Internet-SA understands that in a busy and complex world you need less of what stands in your way and more of what helps you move forward.

When it comes to what matters most, we want things to be smoother, faster, clear and connected. That’s why we offer true month-to-month contracts, and 100% free installation.

Less stress. More speed.

Why should I install a fibre connection?

Our revolutionary lightning-fast fibre network delivers fast, uncapped and unshaped internet - direct to your home.

See why an Internet-SA fibre connection is right for you.

The fastest internet connection available.

A fibre connection delivers up to 200mbps upload and download speeds.

Unlimited data at your disposal.

True uncapped and unshaped connections.

Stable and reliable.

Above industry-standard uptimes.

Supported by experts.

24/7 troubleshooting support at the push of a button.

Less yikes. More yebo.

Get the option that is right for you.

Down 20Mbps / Up 5Mbps
Down 50Mbps / Up 15Mbps
Down 70Mbps / Up 20Mbps
Down 25Mbps / Up 25Mbps
Down 50Mbps / Up 50Mbps
Down 100Mbps / Up 100Mbps

A world-class internet service

Our brand new purpose-built fibre network has been designed from the ground up to meet your needs in your way. Our below-ground lines are protected from any unwanted interruptions with more than enough capacity to deliver all-you-can-eat internet to all your devices in the blink of an eye.

You can be sure of the lightning-fast and fully supported unlimited internet to suit all your needs.

Get fibre internet.

Connect and grow

Make sure you have what it takes to connect with the world and grow your life.